Foshan TDS Honeycomb Composite Co., Ltd.

Foshan TDS Honeycomb Composite Co., Ltd.

Foshan TDS Honeycomb Composites Co., Ltd. establish in the year of 2000, is the earliest pioneer for civilian aluminum honeycomb manufacturer in China. 

TDS is the first company to introduce unique self-designed fully automatic production line for aluminum honeycomb panels. Currently the annual output is:

1)   Aluminum honeycomb core: 5 million square meters

2) Aluminum honeycomb panels: 1.5 million square meters

3) Natural stone honeycomb panels: 3 million square meters 

Till now, TDS has been the largest scaled manufacturer in Asia. TDS is glad to offer valued customers with:

1) Unique integrated production lines from honeycomb core to the finished composite panels, which allows excellent control on quality and cost; 

2) Self-designed fully automatic production line for aluminum honeycomb panels, which effectively enhance the production capacity by 5 times than conventional production procedure; 

3) Know-how on various standards for different applications, from exterior wall cladding panels to luxurious hospitality table tops, thanks to our rich working experience with renowned brands in different industries for years